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Free VAT calculator

Vatva is the free calculator that helps you easily calculate VAT. Whether from an amount excluding VAT or including VAT, the result is displayed instantly. You can indicate the desired VAT percentage and take advantage of our tool to simplify your daily task. It's free and Vatva can be used from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Enter an amount in the column and the VAT calculation is performed like magic.

A free VAT calculator

Do not waste time looking for your calculator or trying to calculate in head, our tool is free and allows you to calculate a VAT from a price excluding taxes or all taxes included. Our calculations are precise and it is very easy to use our service, simply indicate an amount excluding tax or including tax and the calculation is automatic in both directions. You can even specify the desired VAT rate.

What is VAT?

The value added tax is an indirect tax which is collected by the seller from his customers and which he must then remit to the State. VAT is added to the products which are subject to it, ie a large majority. Only a few products are exempt, such as basic necessities, agricultural or fishing products. This tax is established in European Union countries but it should be noted that each member country sets its own rates and conditions.

How to calculate VAT

To calculate VAT from an amount excluding VAT, simply divide the price excluding VAT by 100 and then multiply it by the percentage of VAT. You must then add the amount obtained to the price excluding VAT to have the price including VAT. To calculate the price excluding VAT from the amount including VAT, divide the price including VAT by 1.2 for an amount of 20%, 1.1 for 10%, 1.055 for 5.5% and 1.085 for 8.5%.